Welcome to MyClassicJeep.com!

Hello, my name is Jamie Coleman, founder and editor of MyClassicJeep.com (or “MCJ” for short). This “welcome” post is intended as a way for me to introduce myself as well as to give prospective readers an idea of what they can expect from MCJ now and in the future.

By way of introduction I am, among other things, a Jeep enthusiast and part-time blogger with a serious love for Jeeps of all sorts. I presently live with my lovely wife Amy and daughters Elizabeth and Emily in beautiful Liberty Township, Ohio.

I’ve pretty much always been a Jeep fan, but I really came into the Jeep fold back in the late 1990s when my father in Virginia gave me an un-restored 1960 Willys Jeep pickup as a grad school present. With the gift of the truck came Dad’s commitment to do the restoration and re-power conversion of the truck on the condition that I help buy parts. Over the years, Dad put way more into the truck in terms of blood, sweat, tears and money than I did, even though I did buy quite a number of restoration components along the way. After a couple of years of planning and about 8 years of part-time work on the truck – Dad is a retiree, after all – it was completed back in May of 2007. Later that same summer Dad hauled my bright red beauty from our homeland of rural Appalachia to southwest Ohio where it presently adorns my third car garage.

But enough about me! Why MyClassicJeep.com? As a Jeep enthusiast and a general car nut, I have combed the web far and wide in search of automotive news and commentary of all types. In my extensive web surfing, I have yet to find a blog dedicated to classic Jeeps. After getting my feet wet in the blogging world doing some freelance work for High Gear Media of Palo Alto, California [you may see some of my earlier blogging efforts at LexusReports.com and presently at AllPickupTrucks.com], I got the bright idea to stake a claim to my own little slice of the blogging pie in the area of classic Jeeps.

I am a “big-tent” Jeeper when I use the term “classic,” so I tend to be more inclusive than exclusive. As such, MCJ is a blog focused on all Jeep models from the 1940s with the birth of the brand through the first generation Wrangler (YJ), which ended production in 1995. My definition of “classic” also includes the XJ Cherokee. Even though this legendary Jeep’s production ended somewhat recently in 2001, it was originally offered a quarter century ago in 1984. The XJ easily qualifies as “classic” to me, as well as many other loyal Jeep fans.

While not the blog’s primary focus, MCJ will also include coverage of what might be called “modern classics” or “future classics.” This category might include such models as the beastly and relatively low-production-volume Grand Cherokee SRT-8, with its massive V-8 engine and monstrous horsepower.

MCJ will feature posts offering a detailed profile of classic Jeep vehicles and their owners, the first of which is dedicated to my very own 1960 Willys pickup (see this post HERE). MCJ will provide coverage of Jeep-related shows and events. We’ll provide vendor profiles that are relevant to the classic Jeep community. As opportunity allows, MCJ will also offer insightful reviews of products and accessories that are sure to be of interest to readers. On occasion, MCJ will feature book reviews and profiles for authors of Jeep-related literature, whether technical, historical, or otherwise. MCJ might even include a post here and there concerning current Jeep-related events and the present state of the Jeep brand.

If this type of content lights your fire and feeds your passion for classic Jeeps, come along for the ride with MyClassicJeep.com! And if a particular post stirs you up, please provide feedback in the form of comments. We at MCJ will do our best to be responsive to readers’ interests and concerns. Also, so you won’t miss anything, be sure to subscribe to the bi-weekly MCJ email newsletter (see the link at the top of the page) and/or subscribe to our RSS feed (using the orange button on the right side of the page).

Here to serve,

Jamie Coleman

Welcome to MyClassicJeep.com!

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  1. John says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I met you at kings island today. I have the 53 blue and white pick up. I am still at the hotel and just wanted to check your site out. When I get home I will sound some more time reading it.

    John Francis

    Russia, Oh

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